Carrying Kit Waterstarts
Short Take Off & Landing. Getting Your Leg Over.
Missing Link
Carve Gybing Lazy Beach Starts
Boomshaka INsight
The Twist
Downforce Core Skills
Missing Link Boomshaka – Rig Flipping.
INsight The Twist – Vital Footwork.
Downforce – Keep Control.
Footstraps The Missing Link – Accelerator.
Slip Into Something More Comfortable. INsight – Look where you want to go.
The Back Strap Zap and the Elvis Wiggle.
The Missing Link
Get Connected Freestyle
Rig 360.
Stance Boomshaka
Pulling Power The Twist
Missing Link Downforce
The Truth About Harness Lines Duck Gybing
Early Planing Sailing Back Winded
The 360 and other cunning stunts
Tuning The Upwind 360
Downhaul & Outhaul. Vulcan
Mast Debating. Body Drag
The Truth About Harness Lines. Back to Sail
Cribby’s G-Spot Heli-tack
Tacking Cowboy
Boomshaka Body Drag 05
The Twist Vulcan 05
Missing Link Spocks
Spock 540
Uphauling and Lazy Beach Starts.
Look Depressed